Outlawed: A Punk Rock Uprising in the Basque Country

Outlawed: A Punk Rock Uprising in the Basque Country follows a group of Basque Independentistas that choose music over violence in the generations-long battle against repression and censorship as their band rises to stardom across Spain.

This film is a sonic journey set around the personal stories of Usua and Koldo, the fiery rock n roll duo known as Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado. We chart the band’s rise from local venues to massive festivals.

For Usua and Koldo, the conflict was part of their childhood. They witnessed first-hand the destruction caused by bombings, police occupation, and “The Dirty War.” They saw their communities and their friends fall to drug use and crime. For millions of people, their voices, their culture, and their way of life was outlawed and destroyed.

Featuring Music From: Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado, Negu Gorriak, Kortatu, Anestesia, RIP, Willis Drummond, Mikel Laboa, and Audience.

Key Collaborators:


Writer & Director:

Andrew Nethery



Pello Salaberria



Mikey Zeller


Rosie Walunas

Jillian Corsie

Andrew Nethery

Post Producer:

Aaron Rubin